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Home Care Grooming Products Combo

Home Care Grooming Products Combo

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Puppy Potion - Rose Spray 250Ml

Recommended for sensitive skin, promotes calming of the mind and relaxing of the body.

Natural: Infused with natural rose and geranium essentials makes a perfect spa ritual for your dogs.

Conditioning spray adds volume and gloss without leaving oily residues. A combination of 11 amino acids, multivitamins and biotin that moisturise skin and helps improve coat texture by making the coat soft and smooth and easy for brushing.

Product comes in 250ml.


Wahl - Self Cleaning Nylon Slicker Brush

The Nylon Slicker Brush is designed with soft, cushioned tips to provide a soothing and comforting massage for your pet whilst removing loose hair, dead skin, dirt, mats, or knots in the fur. The teeth will smooth the coat and leave a polished, well-groomed finish.

This brush has a self-cleaning button at the back making it easier for you to remove the hair caught between the teeth. This type of brush is ideal for long/medium hair breeds, curly coats, thick coats and/or dogs that shed a lot.  

It is important to be gentle when using this brush on your animal. First, spray a small amount of water over the pet’s coat. Start with short strokes against the direction of hair growth and finish by brushing in the direction of hair growth to smooth the overall coat (note: if your animal has longer hair, lift the brush a little as you work your way through). If you reach any large knots, it is advisable to get these out using a metal comb and then to continue with the slicker brush. Once the body is done, you can use a soft bristle brush for the face and ears, followed by a pin brush on the body to get the fur looking smooth and shiny.

Always clean your brush after each use. Remove the bulk of the hair by pushing on the fur-release button at the back of the brush. Soak for approximately 10 minutes in hot water with soap or a pet-safe disinfectant. Dry the brush and store away until next use.

  • Self-cleaning button at the back makes it easier for you to remove the hair caught between the pins
  • Designed with soft, cushioned pins which provides a soothing and comforting massage when brushing
  • Redistributes natural oils for coat and skin health
  • Gel handle moulds to the shape of your hand


Storytails - Pet Grooming Wipes

Gently cleanse, freshen & deodorize. Removes dirt, dander and pet odor from faces, paws, skin folds & bums! Fragrance- Free. No colors or dyes. Residue free. Cruelty-free, Alcohol-Free Made with plant-based, biodegradable fibers. Contains 80 wipes.




Bark Out Loud - Beeswax Paw Butter Cream

Key Features

Healing and nourishing skin balm for pets
Enriched with antibacterial and antifungal neem and lodhra super critical extracts
Heals tick bites, minor wounds, rashes, and fungal infections
Provides relief to sore, dry and cracked paws and skin
Soothes irritated skin
Fast absorbing formula won't leave skin greasy
Free from parabens, harmful chemicals, colors and artificial fragrances
Made from natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. It is safe for pets to lick
Cruelty free product

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