Hydra – Groomer’s Whitening Shampoo


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  • Hydra Groomer’s Whitening Shampoo for Dogs and Cats will revitalize your pet’s coat, leaving it bright and shiny while also reducing the yellowing of the coat.
  • Easy-rinse and fast-drying formulas reduce the time spent bathing and drying, making for a quick and stress-free bathing experience.
  • Hydra Whitening Shampoo for Dogs and Cats maintains skin hydration and softens the dog’s hair. It reduces split ends and breakage.
  • Hydra oatmeal whitening shampoo along with jasmine, the shampoo also contains other natural ingredients in dog and cat shampoo that eliminate odor and make your dog feel fresh. Also provides relief from itchy and sensitive skin.
  • Whitening shampoo for dogs and cats contains only salon-grade ingredients like oatmeal extract, which does not contain any bleach.

1 L, 5 L

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Hydra - Groomer's Whitening Shampoo