Wahl – Pet Ear Cleaner – 175ml


Pets ears are notorious for their dust build-up and infections. Use the Pet Ear Cleaner to help keep these issues away. Keep their ears clean using this Wahl’s product! It is specially formulated to cleanse build-up, remove debris and effectively remove wax gently.

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Wahl Pet ear cleaner is one of the trusted ear cleaner for your pets to keep out of ear infections.

Key Features:

Specially formulated to gently clean away wax build-up and troublesome debris from your pet’s ears. It works to effectively remove ear wax and gets rid of ear mites. Its gentle formula does not cause irritation and reduces inflammation in your pet’s ear making your pet feel comfortable throughout.
The ear can be a very sensitive place for your pet. It’s a hot spot for infections, mites, dust, and other things that cause irritation. That’s why it’s important to get the best ear cleaner for your pets to keep out of ear infections.
The ear cleanser bottle comes with an easy application nozzle which makes it easy to get the formula into your pet’s ear.
WAHL’s gentle formula helps to effectively get rid of dirt clogging the ear canal of your pet which could cause discomfort. It soothes the ears and eliminates irritation and reduces the chances of infection in your pet’s ears.
Our products are made from Natural ingredients & PEG-80 free so that all your dog feels is happy and healthy all the time, without you being worried about the product consequences.
How to use: Carefully tip the bottle and put a few drops of ear cleaner into your pet’s ear. Gently massage the outer ear to allow the cleaner to reach the inner ear. and begin working. Remove dirt and debris with a clean cotton swab. Repeat daily until the ear is completely clean. Check ears weekly and use wahl ear cleaner as needed.

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Wahl - Pet Ear Cleaner - 175ml

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