Vetaegis – Zestipetz-VM Syrup


Puppies: 5 ml twice daily
Dogs: 10 ml twice daily
Pregnant & Lactating bitches: 15 ml twice daily
Cats: 2.5ml twice daily
Pet birds: 10-15 ml / 100 birds

200 ml
500 ml
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Improves growth and development in puppies & kittens
Enriched with antioxidant as free scavenging property
Improves Normal digestion, Healthy skin & hair, Bone and Muscles growth and regulates body process
Fulfills nutritional requirement and nourish for better heal
Maintains digestion and prevents from abdominal discomfort and gut related problems


200 ml, 500 ml

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Vetaegis – Zestipetz-VM Syrup