Vetaegis – Petsyron – 200ml

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Dogs: 5 ml/20 Kg b.wt twice a day
Cats: 0.5 ml/5 Kg b.wt twice a day
Pet birds: 10-15 ml / 100 Birds

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To replenish the iron lose in multiple deficiency anemia’s
As a supportive supplement in ehrlichiosis, babesiosis etc
As a supportive supplement in acute and chronic liver disorders (Jaundice, Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, Hepato-toxic conditions)
To improve appetite and food intake
As a Supportive supplement in management of Hepatitis (Bacterial / Viral)
Anorexia, debility & convalescence
Stimulates liver function / Protects liver from toxins
As a supportive supplement along with antibiotic therapy & post-operative care

  1. Dr Malavika Girish

    I had recommended to many of my patients and it’s been really effective ♥️

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Vetaegis – Petsyron - 200ml

1 in stock