Trixie – Ceramic Bowl For Dogs


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Feeding bowls are the most important for feeding your pet. You just need to place the food or water in the bowl so that your pet can enjoy his or her meal without any interruption. Trixie Ceramic Bowl has raised rims and a non-skid base. It is designed in a way that not only holds the food and water but also prevents ants from getting into the food. It also prevents your pet from creating a mess. Trixie Ceramic Bowl can be used for both food and water. These bowls are very durable and have a long life. Trixie Ceramic Bowl is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It comes with a non-stick interior that prevents the food from sticking and making it easier to wash and clean. Trixie Ceramic Bowl comes with an anti-skid base which provides stability to the bowl. Your pet will be able to enjoy their meals without the bowl sliding. Thus, your pet can eat without making noise or creating a huge mess.Trixie Ceramic Bowl is made from non-toxic raw material which does not harm your furry friend.


Pink, Turquoise


300 ml, 800 ml

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Trixie - Ceramic Bowl For Dogs