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Freedom Puppy Low Grain Chicken and Rice All Breed Puppy Food is a specially formulated diet for growing pups up to 18 months old. The low glycemic index ensures balanced nutrition, while chicken offers easily digestible protein and antioxidants boost your pup’s immunity.

Key Benefits:

  1. Brain & Eye Development: Essential DHA and ARA fatty acids, found in mother’s milk, support cognitive learning and retinal function.
  2. Healthy Muscle Growth: High-quality protein from chicken, chicken meal, and eggs aids in developing strong muscles.
  3. Strong Bones & Teeth: A precise blend of calcium, phosphorus, and essential vitamins promotes healthy bone and teeth development.
  4. Dental Health: Unique small bite kibbles with crunch promote tartar removal while chewing.
  5. Healthy Skin & Coat: An optimal balance of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids nourishes the skin and promotes a shiny coat.
  6. Immune System Support: Essential vitamins, chelated minerals, and antioxidants maintain a healthy oxidative balance.

1.2 kg, 12 kg, 3 kg

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Signature - Freedom | Chicken & Rice | Puppy Dry Food