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Royal Canin Labrador Retriever Junior dog food is tailor-made to develop the bone structure and maintain harmonious weight gain in your puppy up to the age of 15 months. This dry food mix contains the right balance of energy, protein, calcium and phosphorus, adapted to the requirements of your highly energetic retriever on a daily basis.


  • Dry food for puppies
  • Made especially for junior Labrador Retrievers from 2-15 months
  • Supports digestive health and promotes the balance of intestinal flora
  • Kibble’s shape, size, texture and formula are adapted to the Labrador Retriever puppy
  • Helps to build natural defences
  • Protein content 33%
Tip: Your little puppy is going to grow into a very large dog that will require a lot of nutrition and exercise. The right diet and supplements in the initial months are critical to the development of your pooch and will ensure it has a better quality life throughout.

1 kg, 12 kg, 3 kg

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Royal Canin - Labrador Puppy, Dry Food for Puppies