Puppy Potion – Honey Shampoo – 500ml


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-Biotin properties relieve and restore moisture to dry and itchy skin.

-Infused with Manuka Honey and lavender essential oil which aids as a natural anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory that helps protect against skin infections and promote fast healing of wounds and irritated skin.

-Infused with MGO 900 Honey which is proven to kill a wide spectrum of pathogenic bacteria and viruses immune to pharmaceutical-based antibiotics.

-Apart from its high antibacterial properties, it also contains beneficial amino acids, minerals, vitamins B and C, and live enzymes that help hydrate and repair skin.

-Infused with various natural extracts and vitamin A, E, B5, omega 3 & 6, and biotin that aims to improve the coat condition and make your dog’s coat feel soft, plush, and tangle-free.

Product comes in 500ml.

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Puppy Potion - Honey Shampoo - 500ml

6 in stock