N&D – Quinoa – Skin & Coat Duck Adult, Grain-Free


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Farmina N&D Quinoa Skin & Coat – Duck, Coconut and Turmeric is a complete food for adult dogs, suggested for nutrient intolerances and avert allergies. It a specific formula for food sensitivities, useful to restore and maintain skin and hair wellness.

N&D Quinoa is the new Grain Free line from Farmina Pet Foods developed in Italy with first class regional ingredient which is a functional food for dogs and cats with specific nutrition needs. Quinoa is a superfood that fits perfectly into the Farmina Nutrition System for Carnivores Philosophy because it contains around 15% of high biological value proteins, which are rich in well balanced essential amino acids, a very rare feature of vegetables. This helps the products increase product protein content which has 92% of proteins comes from animal origin in totality. N&D Quinoa uses genuine ingredients to offer your pet a balanced and complete diet without any cereals, GMOs, or artificial preservatives. The range includes quinoa from organic farming in Italy. N&D Quinoa dry dog food is available in an ALL Breed- kibble sizes to best suit the specific nutritional needs of your dog.


2.5 kg, 7 kg, 800 gm

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N&D - Quinoa - Skin & Coat Duck Adult, Grain-Free