M-Pets Sherbin Litter Tray with Rim for Cats (Blue/White)


M-Pets Sherbin Cat Litter Box gives your cats a roomy and quiet place to do their business. Its a round shaped box made of robust and quality plastic to offer your a comfortable tray. It has a two-part removable accessory, and in addition, it has higher rounded edges than most sandboxes which helps prevent sand from spilling out of the tray.Purchase M Pets SHERBIN Cat Litter Tray with Rim Only on romsnraks.com

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The M-Pets Cat Litter Tray has a specially designed rim around the edge of the tray, which helps to reduce the mess caused by your cat’s natural desire to tread litter. Made from durable plastic, it the litter trays provide your cat a safe and mess-free place to use as a toilet.
Key Features:

Simple design
Comfortable Entry and Exit
Specially designed for clumping litter
Rimmed around the edge
Durable Plastic Material

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M-Pets Sherbin Litter Tray with Rim for Cats (Blue/White)