M-Pets – Nile Water Dispenser (Assorted)


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Encourage your pet to drink more water with the perfect Savic Cascade 3:1 Drinking Fountain For Pets.


  • Fresh water is absolutely vital for our fur noses. With the Nile water Dispenser, your pets always gets pleasantly fresh and cool water directly in the bowl.
  • This water dispenser works through a sophisticated technology.
  • Drinking water always flows into your four-legged friend’s bowl without any electricity or batteries.
  • When your pet drinks, the water flows from the large reservoir of the bowl up to a certain upper limit into the bowl trough.
  • It only trickles down gradually, so splashing or spilled water are a thing of the past!
  • The water in the reservoir stays cool and fresh longer.


  • The capacity is approx.3 liters.
  • Dimension – 29.6cm (W) x 24.40cm (H) x 18.30cm (D)

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M-Pets - Nile Water Dispenser (Assorted)

1 in stock