M-Pets – Double Ended Toothbrush


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M-Pets Double Ended Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats features a large and small head to accommodate pets of all sizes. The heads are set at ergonomically correct angles to aid in administration for dogs and cats.

Key Features:

  • In dogs and cats, two-thirds of each tooth is hidden under the gums, so your pet can have dental disease without you realizing it. Help combat tooth and mouth illnesses by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly!
  • The bristles at either end are specifically fashioned to help remove food debris and plaque.
  • Ergonomically correct angles aid in administration, making brushing your furry friends teeth as easy as possible.
  • Features both a large head and a smaller head to accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes no matter the size of the tooth surface.
  • Toothbrush heads feature soft bristles aid in gentle application.
  • Colour: Pink & Green
  • Size: 2 x 22 cm

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M-Pets - Double Ended Toothbrush

Out of stock