M-Pets – Altan Drinking Fountain For Dogs – 3000ml


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M-Pets Altan Drinking Fountain Water Dispenser is Portable, easy to carry around, and allows fewer refills, make it convenient for busy parents. Bottles are made of PET plastic, making them healthier for pets and more environmentally sustainable than the PVC bottles that are currently on the market. An ideal solution for small and medium size dogs, cats, and pet animals.

Key Features:

  • Easy to remove the barrel and chassis clean, anti-skid pad on the Water Dispenser base can prevent pets from tipping over the water and keep the floor clean and tidy.
  • Ideal for pet owners to leave their pets at home when they are out, pets will replenish water according to their needs
  • This pet water feeder is a stylishly designed gravity device, material- plastic, Easy to use, and safe.
  • The water bottle can hold 3 liters of water that ensures your pets get fresh water at all times, you can check the remaining water clearly.
  • The drinking fountain barrel mouth opening device controls the water supply speed, even if it is accidentally touched, it will not spill a large amount

Size – 3000ml

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M-Pets - Altan Drinking Fountain For Dogs - 3000ml

Out of stock