Intersand Odourlock – Clumping Cat Litter with ‘Smart Odour Shield’ – 12 kg


Low-dust, fast clumping & easy to scoop

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Odourlock’s super fast clumping feature makes scooping easier and cuts down on the amount of litter you use ( 45% less/year). Made with 100% pure clay, it is 99.9 % dust free, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for you and for your pet!OdourLock litter neutralizes ammonia formation for unparalleled control of urine and feces odours. Cat urine does not contain ammonia per se; rather, it is formed in the litter box when the urine comes into contact with oxygen and develops bacteria. Ammonia is responsible for the unpleasant smell that comes from the litter box. Our technology is activated when it comes into contact with urine to neutralize odours for more than 40 days. OdourLock is perfect for a multi-cat environment: Just scoop once a day for optimal cleanliness that will delight you and your cats!


Optimal odour control for more than 40 days
Safe for the respiratory tracts of humans and cats
Quick and easy cleaning for a multi-cat environment
Moisture-activated scent
Tested by veterinarians

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Intersand Odourlock - Clumping Cat Litter with 'Smart Odour Shield' - 12 kg

2 in stock