Himalaya – Mobility Plus Tablets For Cats and Dogs


Joint and Hip Supplement

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Mobility Plus is a unique blend of herbal ingredients that support optimal bone and joint health in young and senior pets.


Mobility plus is aimed at dogs & cats suffering from hip and joint problems like hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, surgery and pain involving joints. It is chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and analgesic. Helps support bones and joints in senior dogs as well. It also benefits cases of limping and swollen joints. Helps cure lethargic behavior like refusal to run or climb stairs due to joint pain.

It helps to lubricate the joint and maintain synovial fluid necessary for healthy joint functions. It helps body manufacture collagen and proteoglycans.

Dosage: Small dog breeds: 1 tablet daily.
Large dog breeds: 2 tablets daily.
Cats: 1/2-1/4 tablet daily.

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Himalaya - Mobility Plus Tablets For Cats and Dogs

Out of stock