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Carefully made to meet a growing pup’s nutritional needs. Every kibble is packed with fresh chicken, turkey and duck making it utterly irresistible and gentle on the tummy. Addition of botanicals & herbs builds immunity and give your little one a healthy foundation for life.

Recipes crafted for an Urban lifestyle

  • #1 ingredient is delicious fresh meat
  • Highly digestible lean meats
  • Healthy oils & good fats
  • Brimming with mighty superfoods


  • Empty Bowls – Unmatched freshness & variety of meat that is utterly irresistible so there will be an empty bowl every time.
  • Happy Tummies – Ingredients are curated carefully for easy digestion and healthy metabolism.
  • Holistic Protection – A potent mixture of herbs and botanicals that naturally protects and heals at the same time
  • Organ Wellness – Nutrition goodness focusing on every vital organ like heart, liver, gut, skin & brain.

2 kg, 20 kg, 6 kg, 250 g

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Fabled - Grow Little One