Drools – Dog Toys – Hole Ball (7.6cm)


Drools Non-Toxic Rubber Hole Ball Chew Toy is a flexible, non-toxic rubber chew toy. It helps improve dental health and encourages non-destructive chewing. It is suitable for all dogs.

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Drools toys make playing joyful for pets as well as pet parents. It is 100% safe for your pet. This toy will keep your dog entertained for hours. It helps reduce anxiety in dogs and prevents them from chewing on furniture and personal belongings. The spikes are soft and help in cleaning and massaging the gums. This also provides comfort when they feel upset. The toy satisfies dogs’ instinctual needs and strengthens the bond between dog and owner.

Key Features:

Flexible & Non-Toxic Rubber Chew Toy
Super Durable
Encourages Non-Destructive Chewing
Improves Dental Health
Suitable for all dogs
Size: 7.6cm

Playtime – every dog’s absolute favorite! From acting as a perfect bonding opportunity to making exercise fun, dog toys are important not just as a stress-reliever but also for your dog’s overall health and happiness. Whether it’s the never-ending game of tug or learning new tricks and rules of the house, dog toys act as a positive reinforcer. The best dog toys online are those that offer a range of motion to your dog’s body like treats dispensing dog toys, interactive toys, balls, discs, rope toys, and chew toys. At Petsy, we offer the best dog toys online whether it’s for chewing or dental upkeep. We have an extensive variety of toys to curb boredom, relieve anxiety, and provide comfort. These dog toys online reinforce human-canine bonds, thereby fostering long-lasting relationships between parents and their puppers!

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Drools - Dog Toys - Hole Ball (7.6cm)

3 in stock