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Large litters, too little milk in the bitch, weak puppies – risk factors that need to be balanced, especially at the beginning of life. Puppy Milk+ replaces the mother’s milk for the puppies, gives strength to the nurturing bitch or strengthens old or weakened animals. Puppy Milk+ has been “copied” from bitch milk. Good digestibility, no bloated belly, no diarrhoea. Puppies can grow up healthy and old and weak dogs can be strengthened without unnecessary strain on the organism. – Optimally compatible breast milk substitute – Supplementary feeding to relieve the bitch – With omega-3 and fructoologosaccharides (FOS) – To cover the bitch’s extreme protein requirements – To strengthen old and weak dogs.

  • Reconstruction based on natural mother’s milk
  • For puppies to replace mother’s milk
  • Added strength for mother feeding young
  • Added strength for old or weak animals
  • Easily digestible

Complementary feed for dogs.


Skimmed Milk Powder, Rapeseed Fat Powder, Gelatin Hydrolyzate, Omega-3 Fish Oil Powder 0.2%, Inulin (FOS) 0.2%.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 29%, crude fat 25%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 5.4%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorus 0.6%, sodium 0.3%.

Feeding advice:
See table. Mixing ratio: 1 part milk powder to 2 parts lukewarm water, stir well with a whisk. Feed lukewarm and prepare fresh at each meal.
Dog: from birth – 2 weeks: 1-2 tablespoon solution every 2h max. 10 times in 24h.
Until 3.-4. week: 3-5 tablespoons solution every 2h max. 8 times in 24h.
From the 4th week: until saturation, gradually feed solid Food (1 tablespoon = abt. 15ml)
These recommendations are based on experience that can be adjusted according to the size and development of the animal.
Administration suggestion:
Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from humidity. Always provide fresh water! Note on the package leaflet:
1) Before each use, wash hands and sterilise the accessories (drinking bottle, spout protector and teat) in boiling water.
2) Boil the drinking water and let it cool down to 40°-30°C. Then pour into the drinking bottle in the indicated mixing ratio and add the milk powder with the dosing spoon.
3) Close the bottle with the spout and teat. Make a circular motion so that the drinking water and powder are well mixed but no bubbles or foam are formed. After complete mixing, remove the spout protector.
4) Feed milk lukewarm (check temperature on wrist). Up to the 4th week, it is important to imitate the natural licking of the belly and the associated stimulation of digestion by the mother with a moist, warm, soft cloth.
– Do not heat the bottle filled with milk in the microwave => risk of explosion.
– Do not clean in the dishwasher => material damage possible.
– When boiling, always ensure that there is sufficient water in the pot to avoid damage to the accessories.

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Dr. Clauders - Whelpnmilk - Puppy Milk - 450gm

Out of stock