Chris Christensen Smart Scents Cherry & Oats


Chris Christensen SmartScents cologne leaves a delightful, sweet fragrance that lasts all day! Simply mist lightly onto your dog or cat.

16 oz./473ml
4 oz./118ml
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Chris Christensen Smart Scents Cherry & Oats cologne will help your dog smell like cherry and oats all day long. It offers a sweet fragrance that was crafted to be comfortable and non-irritating for both dogs and cats.

Smart Scents by Chris Christensen are delightfully sweet fragrances, expertly crafted for your dog or cat. Cherry & Oats is an oh-so-sweet blend of ripe cherries, cinnamon, fresh roses, almonds, and a hint of vanilla.

This Smart Scents grooming cologne may be called Cherry & Oats, but you will not notice too much of the oats aroma when you apply it. Instead, this sweet fragrance combines ripe cherries with fresh roses, cinnamon, and almonds, rounding it all out with a vanilla hint.

The scent lasts all day long and won’t overpower your pet. Instead, it is a light scent that you can appreciate and your pet will have no complaints.


16 oz./473ml, 4 oz./118ml

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Chris Christensen Smart Scents Cherry & Oats