Beaphar – Kalk Calcium Tablets


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Beaphar Kalk Calcium Tablets

Kalk Calcium Tablets iradicates vitamin and mineral deficiency in the feeding stuffs of dogs, showed by joint problems, a weak skeleton, muscular weakness and/or intestinal disturbances. Chalk and minerals are important components of the tablets for muscles, bones and teeth. Calcium tablets improve the calcium -phosphorus balance in the animal’s food. These contain high-quality minerals, completed with energy supplying dextrose, healthy vegetable substances and vitamins supplying algae. Algae are a rich source of minerals and trace elements such as Iodide which is indispensable for the proper functioning of thyroid gland. It is an excellent preparation, improving the condition and build of young dogs, dogs with young and nursing animals. Furthermore, it is also very suitable for the needs of working dogs (hunting, sports).


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Beaphar - Kalk Calcium Tablets