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Beaphar bone builder irish calcium can be given to both dogs and cats of any breed above 2 months age.Alleviates all symptoms of calcium phosphorus deficiency which is very common in indian bred pets and results in symptoms like shaking hind legs,poor dental condition,reduced mobility or damage due to regular feeding of otherwise cheap filler-prone unhealthy dry food whereas dogs/cats consuming good foodmay not need this,however those who eat less will surely benefit from this supplement.Bone builder comes in powdered form which can be sprinkled on any food be it dry food or home-cooked food.

Key Features:

Beaphar Bone builder can be given to both dogs and cats and it helps promote healthy skeleton
Lactating dogs/cats can also take this as they require high levels of calcium and phosphorus during gestation.

Growth abnormalities/bone deformities can occur especially in large breed dogs/cats due to calcium-phosphorus imbalance and this product helps in maintaining that balance.

Helps prevent osteoporosis,rickets,anemia,bone softening and other calcium-phosphorus deficiency related problems in both dogs and cats.


For dogs 10Kg(Adult)- 1 spoon per day

For dogs(10-25Kg)(Adult)- 1 spoon per day

For dogs 25Kg(Adult)-1-2 spoon per day

For puppies 15Kg(age>weeks) – 1 spoon per day.

For cats/kittens(1-12Kg)- 1 spoon per day.

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Beaphar - Bone Builder Calcium Supplement - 500g

2 in stock