Bark Out Loud – Skin And Coat Hemp Chewstix For Pets – 100g


Tasty treats for healthy skin & shiny coat with active orange hemp

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Bark Out Loud’s Hemp Chew stix is designed to provide healthy skin and coat in a delicious treat form. With the power of hemp unlocked, improving your pet’s skin and coat is now as easy as giving them a treat for being the good boy or girl they really are.

POWERFUL & ORGANIC: Enriched with natural hemp seed oil and hemp seed powder, Hemp Chew stix improve skin and coat conditions with ease and deliciousness. The oil is extracted using cold pressed technology, to ensure maximum purity & perfect preservation of all nutrients.
ADVANCED FORMULATION: Organic ingredients along with the power of 9 essential amino acids plus Vitamin E make them the best bet for skin health and strong coat. Our chews Provides with a nearly perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 6: Omega 3 fatty acids
HEALTHY TREATS: Hemp Chew stix are flavoured with high quality, real and fresh chicken which make them yummy for pets and guilt free for pet parents. Reward your dog with these delicious, guilt-free healthy treats after a walk, run or a spur-of-the-moment fetch session!
DOSAGE: Each chew contains required daily dosage of Hemp Seed extract to ensure a healthy skin & coat
SAFE & EFFECTIVE: We have removed all traces of CBD and THC from the hemp which makes Hemp Chewstix safe to use. No artificial enhancers too, to keep them as natural as possible.
Feeding Info:

For cats & small dogs (3 months+ of age) 1-2 chews
For medium dogs 2-3 chews
For large dogs 3-4 chews

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Bark Out Loud – Skin And Coat Hemp Chewstix For Pets – 100g

3 in stock