Bark Out Loud – Chicken Swirls Treats – 100g


  • Promotes overall health of the dog
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • For dogs only
  • High protein

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Nutritious Chicken Swirls that are as fun as they are tasty. Treat your pet to these vitamin and mineral-enriched Chicken Swirls and watch them jump with joy. Feed these to your dog and watch as they live their best life!


Chicken swirls
High quality easily digestible protein
Limited ingredients
Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants
Chicken Swirls – Treats Made in India

Key Features:

WHAT A TREAT: your puppers every day and make them Swirl to these scrumptious Chicken swirls made with simple and limited ingredients to keep them healthy, happy, and Barking out Loud for more treats! Feed as a treat, training aid or reward for your dog
QUALITY PROTEIN – Chicken Swirls from Bark out Loud by Vivaldis are guilt free treats made with only one protein source which is chicken, placing you in charge of what your dog is exposed to. Thoughtfully made, these treats would make your pets swirl in happiness!
POWERPACKED- with Rosemary extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 together with other minerals helps in improving brain health, skin and coat, immunity and overall health.
DENTAL HYGINE- These yummy chicken treats will help improving dental hygiene. Clean teeth have never been easier!
Small Dogs – Upto 5 Chews | Medium Dogs – upto 10 Chews | Large Dogs upto 15 Chews

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Bark Out Loud - Chicken Swirls Treats - 100g

1 in stock