Bark Out Loud – Cat Pillow’s Hairball Control Treats – 100g


Hairball control cat pillow s knacks from Bark out Loud by Vivaldi’s are an easy – to – feed snack for the removal and minimizing of hairballs in cats and kittens. Made in Spain these treats will help your feline friend’s belly in tip – top shape and health!

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TASTY & HEALTHY: Help your kitty feel their best by treating them with these Made in Spain, Cat Pillows for Hairball Control delivered in mouth-watering chicken flavor. Formulated for cats, nutritionists at our end show case their expertise not only in making doggo’s Bark out Loud but also know how to make cats Purr out Loud. Feed as a treat, training aid or reward for your adult cat.
CONTROLS HAIRBALL: It is inevitable that some amount of hairball will be ingested by your catto’s due to their continuous shedding which can block their digestive system. Hairball Control- Cat Pillows aids fur balls in passing safely through the gastrointestinal tract & helps prevent future formation through regular use.
RICH IN FIBRE: These Cat Pillows are enriched with vegetable fibre and malt that will aid in intestinal tract movement, helps eliminate the hairballs and improves digestive health.
POWERPACKED: With added Taurine, an essential amino acid in cats for heart health, and Vitamin E for cellular protection, Vitamin A and D3 for immunity and bone health.

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Bark Out Loud – Cat Pillow's Hairball Control Treats – 100g

2 in stock