Bark Out Loud – Beeswax Paw Butter Cream for Pets


Bark Out Loud Beeswax Paw Butter Cream for Pets is all-natural works effectively and is gentle on skin.

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A dog and cat’s paws are a sensitive part of their body. From even a cut to walking on hot pavement, or even just lying down in the dry cold weather will create allergies or loss of moisture. Furry friends with dried, cracked & crusty paws are more prone to feeling uncomfortable when walking and feel a lot of pain when they walk.

Our paw butter is enriched with beeswax and natural oils to make a protective layer on the skin. It is an all-natural solution for you and your dog! This natural paw butter for cats helps relieve irritated skin, moisturize dry pads, elbows, & noses, and can help speed up the recovery of minor cracks. It includes natural ingredients that help protect, heal, soothe, and moisturize your pup’s paws.

Key Features

Healing and nourishing skin balm for pets
Enriched with antibacterial and antifungal neem and lodhra super critical extracts
Heals tick bites, minor wounds, rashes, and fungal infections
Provides relief to sore, dry and cracked paws and skin
Soothes irritated skin
Fast absorbing formula won’t leave skin greasy
Free from parabens, harmful chemicals, colors and artificial fragrances
Made from natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. It is safe for pets to lick
Cruelty free product

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Bark Out Loud - Beeswax Paw Butter Cream for Pets

2 in stock