Arden Grange – Adult, Fresh Chicken And Rice


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Besides easily digested chicken oil as a fat source, it also has the nutrients required to strengthen your dog’s joints and cartilage. It is thanks to this that vets often also recommend it for brachycephalic dogs like bulldogs and pugs who generally need extra protection for their joints.


  • L-carnitine aids in breaking down fat and encourages good muscle tone
  • Controlled energy intake and prevents unnecessary weight gain
  • Hypoallergenic (Avoids wheat gluten, dairy products, artificial colours, beef, soya and preservatives)
  • Human Grade ingredients

Recommended for:

  • Small and medium breed adult dogs with a normal activity level
  • Can also be used for: Large and Giant breed dogs preferring a smaller kibble size

Nutritional information:

  • A high proportion of chicken (32%) – providing the top quality protein that is essential for the structural and functional demands of the adult canine body
  • High-quality chicken – no battery farming, and no growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Medium-sized kibble is suitable for most breeds of an adult dog
  • Chicken oil as the primary fat source are easily digested and the most appropriate for the largely carnivorous needs of the canine
  • Super-premium ingredients the chicken meat meal is the most superior quality and includes no feet, feathers, heads or undesirable material
  • Moderately energy dense are ideal adult maintenance feed for pet dogs or those in light work  

12 kg, 2 kg, 6 kg, 14 kg

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Arden Grange - Adult, Fresh Chicken And Rice